Inspire Vibrating Remote Intimate Teaser

Vibrant sent me the Inspire Vibrating Remote Intimate Teaser by CalExotics. It was shipped Thursday and arrived on my doorstep Saturday…fast! It came in discreet packaging, inside is the teaser’s box…written in script on one side of the box is the name and the other half is clear plastic to showcase the product.

I was so excited to review this, my partner loves foreplay and was dying to test it out! I opened the package and read the pamphlet, which provided no instructions. It is silicone, very safe for your body and waterproof…always a plus to me! It has a 2 prong charger, you have to push them both in until they’re blinking to charge them. I had to mess around with the charger for the teaser for a minute to get it to work. I charged them for around an hour, then messed around with the settings to figure it all out beforehand.

Press and hold the power button on the teaser until it gives a quick vibe to show it’s activated. On the compact, – to decrease power and + to increase, the middle o to change patterns. It has 10 patterns and 5 vibration settings. To turn it off, hold down the power button on the compact or the teaser. Be warned, if you turn it off, you have to activate it on teaser to start it again. This is a big letdown…if you turn it off while in public you’re just stuck unless you go to a bathroom to remove it or turn it back on.


I really wanted to love this but it’s just too weak and buzzy for me for clitoral stimulation. Buzzy vibrations are weak and then there’s rumbly vibrations that resonate deeper. Also, the simulation is broad where I need pin point. But you have to judge the vibrations as a teaser not a regular clit vibrator. I don’t care for patterns when using regular vibrations but my partner and I enjoyed experimenting with the different ones. We tried it out after using a stronger clit vibrator when I was more sensitive but because this was made to be a teaser, that defeats the purpose. The biggest killer for the Intimate Teaser is the noise…you couldn’t use this in public like it’s intended because it’s just way too loud! I mean not extremely loud but if someone was in the same room as you, they’d hear it. It’s not all bad though! It is good for breast massages and nipple stimulation. I like it way better for foreplay massages and will continue using it for that. All in all, the Intimate Teaser needs stronger vibration for me, but some people are more sensitive. In that case, this would be great in the bedroom!


Think you’d like to try the Intimate Teaser out? You can buy it here!

I would like to thank Vibrant  for providing the Inspire Vibrating Remote Intimate Teaser in exchange for a honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post.