Good Head Lube by Doc Johnson

Good Head is a paraben free, water-based lube made to use orally. One of its ingredients is glycerin, so it’s best to use this only for oral then wash off before sex. Glycerin, when used vaginally, can create a breeding ground for yeast. The consistency is similar to a gel, which is good! If it was a thinner consistency, it would dissolve quickly and wouldn’t last as long. Vice versa, if it was thicker, I feel like it wouldn’t dissolve as well and interfere while you’re trying to do your thing. It usually lasts me around 10 minutes and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue. Usually lubricants with glycerin have a stickiness to them, so I was surprised to find this one doesn’t. I have the watermelon flavor and the taste is alright to me, it’s not the best watermelon flavored one I’ve tried. There’s a couple of different flavors so you can experiment to see which one you like best. If you don’t like the taste of skin, a flavored lube will give you a better experience. As far as sensation, it does have a tingling effect and a slight cooling but nothing major. If you’re into the whole ice cube feeling, this alone won’t do it for you. I feel like the mint flavored one would give off more of a cooling sensation but that’s just my assumption. The tingling is a nice feature though! The packaging isn’t discreet at all, the box says Good Head in large letters on the front. I read a couple of reviews that mentioned a numbing feature but the product doesn’t advertise anything about numbing. This lube won’t numb your gag reflex, it wasn’t made to do that. It’s just a flavored lubricant with some side effect sensations. Great for people who don’t produce a lot of saliva or like the taste of skin. Being a water-based lube, it’s best to use outside the shower/tub or any water. The water will wash this right off. While I love the easy clean up, just keep in mind, while using…avoid the water.