Durex 2in1 Massage & Play

After learning about Ylang-Ylang essential oils aphrodisiac benefits, I purchased this lubricant out of curiosity. It has a thick but not goop-like consistency and an amazing smell! The fragrance is the Ylang-Ylang, an essential oil known for its aphrodisiac and sensual benefits along with antidepressant benefits. This oil is a favorite of aromatherapists for good reason. Imagine a massage lubricant that relieves stress and boosts your sex drive that doubles as a lube for play…you can’t go wrong! This seems more like a 3 in 1 to me with all those benefits. A little goes a long way too, I just can’t say enough good things about this one! The lubricant leaves your skin silky smooth with the smell of floral vanilla. My partner and I have used it together as well as solo several times and we haven’t even used half the bottle yet. Durex outdid themselves on this one and I would recommend it to anyone!