Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy

Per the FTC’s urging, this is a disclosure to all workings of this blog.


For my Readers

I Dream of Gia is a personal blog written and edited solely by me, Gia. It offers genuine and unbiased reviews of sex toys.

I am affiliated with sex toy companies. As an affiliate, if you click one of my affiliate links or banner I will receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you. Please be sure to clear your cookies before clicking my links so that the store knows it was my link that brought you to their site. You pay nothing extra to support me but it means a lot to me for you to do so, and I’m always thankful. To thank said supporters, I gladly offer up my services to give you my time and advice on what would be best to buy for you and/or your partner. All toys reviewed on the website have either been purchased by me or provided by a company/manufacturer for an unbiased review of their product. My reviews will always remain completely my honest opinion, regardless under which circumstance I do these reviews. I reserve the right to post positive or negative reviews based on my personal opinion and experience.


Adult Product Review Policies

1. I do not review anal toys, lubricant, cam sites, condoms, electrostimulation, pain-inducing cock toys, chastity cages, arousal or tightening gels, porn (of any kind, including written erotica) or anything that is not made with body-safe materials.

2. If you are a manufacturer without an affiliate program, I reserve the right to link to one of your distributors with whom I have an affiliate relationship unless it was a paid review, please contact me for pricing information.

3. I reserve the right to publish a negative review if I do not like the product, with no compensation to you. I will not change my review or remove it from my blog per the request of any company.

4. I reserve the right to not review products I did not approve for review. If a product will shipped to me and I did not agree to review it, I will consider it a gift.

5. If you have a deadline for a review, please specify this before I agree to review the product.

6. Under no circumstance, will l return, pay for, or provide a refund for a product, even if the review is negative. If the product is not received by me (i.e., gets lost in shipping), I am not responsible for any costs.

7. If you permanently stop carrying the product I have reviewed, or your shop or affiliate program closes, I reserve the right to link to a store/affiliate program that does carry that product.

By agreeing to work with me, you agree to these terms.


Site Sponsors

I sometimes have paid advertisers. There are banner ads in my sidebar; these are paid for by the company and are not always a site that I personally endorse. I will title them Site Sponsors as to not confuse them with affiliates.

  • All banner ads must be 250x250px and must not be sexually explicit (store logo preferred).
  • All payments must be made upfront via PayPal.
  • I reserve the right to decline or remove banner ads based on my morality clause (below). Contacting I Dream of Gia for banner ads does not guarantee I will accept.


Morality Clause

I Dream of Gia reserves the right to remove or edit reviews or banner ads associated with companies whose marketing campaigns and/or business practices I later find, in my opinion, to be sexist, racist, transphobic, homophobic, fat-shaming, condone non-consent or sexual harassment/assault, or are otherwise oppressive (with no compensation to them). I will also cut all ties if I find that your company isn’t trustworthy with communications and privacy.


Using my Content

You may share my content via a link. Alternatively, you may quote me (50 words or less) AND provide a do-follow link back to my article with full credit. Outside of this, you may not duplicate my content, my policies, or my photos without my explicit permission.



I Dream of Gia is an anonymous blog. If I have to provide you with my legal name and mailing address, you are agreeing to keep this information private and not share it with anyone without my consent – this applies to affiliate programs, advertisers, and those who send me items for review. I also insist that packages sent to me NOT contain my blog address or the name I Dream of Gia. I will be providing the link to this Policies page to everyone, and by agreeing to work with me means you are agreeing to my policies and terms, including agreeing to uphold my anonymity. Any company or persons found to share my private information (such as name, mailing address, location, etc.) will be pursued legally.



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