Magic Wand

How does a sex toy reviewer go almost a year without having a Magic Wand in their arsenal? I have no idea but I do know the Magic Wand is definitely here to stay.



Good Vibrations graciously contributed a Magic Wand Original for my Saint Patrick’s Day giveaway. I told Andy, the amazing affiliate manager, that I would like to take some pictures of the Magic Wand for the contest because I did not own one myself. Y’all…he sent me a Magic Wand of my own to review!! It’s wonderful people like him that mean the most to me in this industry.

The Magic Wand was originally called the Hitachi Magic Wand. Hitachi sold the vibrator as a body massager until they realized people were using it as a sex toy. Hitachi contacted their distributor, Vibratex, to try and pull it off the market. Vibratex refused and dubbed the gem the Magic Wand Original.  It can be used as Hitachi “intended” as a back massager and it can be used as a personal massager cause we know that’s where everyone’s gonna use it.

This is not your average vibrator. It’s for a hit it & quit it, 5 minutes until the kids are home, don’t wanna take off your pants, your partner ran to the store real quick & will be right back moments. Easy, dirty deep orgasms that make you want another and another. The orgasms are strong and intense. There are two settings: earthquake and oblivion. By oblivion, I mean no man’s land and if someone can handle that strong of a vibration…give them a medal cause that’s absolutely magnificent.



Some specs. I don’t think the manufacturers were concerned with the discreetness of the wand. It is alarmingly loud. So yes, this will be hard to muffle so it’s no good if you’re trying to be discreet. The Magic Wand Original has a long white shaft for a handle; made of ABS plastic. At the bottom of the shaft is the cord. A 6-foot long cord, not ideal length but I’ll let it slide. At the top of the shaft is a royal blue, flexible plastic part that allows the head to move. The head is softer than the body, it’s a white squishy vinyl. The vinyl is phthalate-free but it can harbor bacteria. You can purchase silicone head attachments. There are a lot of fun options there.



Hands down, I believe this is one of the most powerful vibrators on the market right now. It gets the job done-quickly. I can’t sing the praises of the Magic Wand any louder, it just freakin rocks. Thank you Good Vibrations for being the awesome shop you are. You can purchase the Magic Wand Original here for $59.95.


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