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TooTimid / Pink B.O.B. sent the Lux Body Massager Wand to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way affected my opinion. This review contains affiliate links and if you purchase something when you click one of the links, I may receive a commission at no cost to you. I received the product quickly and in discreet packaging.



Now, I have to say this. I’m not a fan of the brand name “Pink B.O.B.” which stands for “Battery Operated Boyfriend”. It seems like buying into the idea of replacing a partner with a sex toy. Not everyone who uses sex toys needs or wants a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner and a sex toy can never replace a person. But it is just a brand name so I’ll get off my soapbox, rant over. Anyways! Right off the bat, I must state the obvious…the Lux Wand looks a lot like the Magic Wand Original. But hey, why change an amazing design? You know the saying. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.



The Lux Wand has a long light pink shaft for a handle; made of ABS plastic. At the top of the shaft is a hot pink, flexible plastic part that allows the head to move. The head is softer than the body, it’s a white vinyl. The head is kind of squishy. Back to the shaft, at the bottom of it is the cord. A 9-foot long cord! (score!)



But does it work? Wand reviews are difficult in a way because what do you say? Yes, it vibrates…really hard. If you compare to the Magic Wand Original, the high on the Lux is almost as intense as the low on the Magic Wand Original. To some people, that might be terrible but to others…it could make the Lux your wand. The soft, squishy vinyl covering on the head absorbs some of the vibrations and I feel like it weakens them some. Personally, I don’t like the feature because I like the “earthquake” vibrations but some people cannot handle the intensity of the Magic Wand Original and will find the soft vinyl head is just what they need.  But the head piece is removable!! If you need more power, remove the soft head and buy different attachments. They make thin silicone ones that would not absorb the vibrations as much. Regardless of all of these, I had no trouble getting off this the Lux. It’s a powerful vibration.



For the controls, Lux keeps it simple. It has two buttons: the power button and the function button (the heart). Your first three functions are levels of intensity: low, medium, and high. Then, seven patterns. I’m not a pattern person so I didn’t really mess with those.

Keeping the Lux Wand‘s head clean is its downfall. The head of the toy is made from a porous vinyl, a material I really try to stay away from. I can’t say if it would be safe to slap a condom over the head because the vinyl. I’m super cautious with the hygiene of my toys and really prefer to deep clean them. You can’t submerge this wand in the water or expose it to water. I will be ordering an attachment to for the Lux Wand. In the meantime, I have kept my underwear on when using it. You can order silicone attachments and not stress over the hygiene issue. There are loads of attachments for the Magic Wand Original and based on measurements, they should all work for the Lux Wand. Both of the heads diameters are 2.5″. Once I get an attachment in, I’ll test it out and update you on that.

Pink B.O.B. sells the Lux Body Massage Wand for $59.95, a pretty good price for such a wand. I would like to thank Pink B.O.B. for the opportunity to review the Lux Wand! You can buy it here.

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