A plastic white handle, silver band, and gorgeous aquamarine shaft…the Crush Honey is really a beautiful piece.


Too Timid sent the Crush Honey free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way affected my opinion. This review contains affiliate links and if you purchase something when you click one of the links, I may receive a commission at no cost to you.



Crush Honey by Pipedream has a ABS plastic handle, this handle is somewhat different than others of its kind. The handle has a curve toward the end of it for better grip, it’s a wonderful addition because plastic with lube and grip do not mix. I was able to keep a better grip on the handle with lube, not great but definitely much better. The shaft is plastic coated in silicone making me wish it was made entirely of silicone. It’s hard and doesn’t flex much. It is body safe; it is silicone, phthalates free, and waterproof though I rarely use toys in the shower or tub. The Honey is a little over 8 inches in length with around 5 and half inches insertable.



The Honey takes two AA batteries. It has seven patterns and three vibrations levels…seven freaking patterns. For someone who loves patterns, this is awesome but for those for don’t (me!) it’s quite frustrating. There are two buttons: the power and the function button. If you’re like me and on the high steady vibration setting, you can get in the moment and push the function button for more power just to end up on a pattern and ruin your momentum, then you have to cycle back through all the patterns to get back to a steady vibration. Speaking of vibrations, they feel a little too buzzy for me. I like deep rumbly vibrations and the Honey’s buzzy vibes aren’t strong enough for me. Don’t freak out though, this review is not all bad! The bulbous head of the shaft paired with the vibrations provides a broad clit simulation. The curve of the shaft contours perfectly to my G-spot and I ended up using the Honey internally without the vibrations on.



So yes, I was able to get off with the Honey but not with it’s full purpose. With a rumbly vibe, it could really be a game changer. I would like to thank Too Timid for the opportunity to review the Crush Honey. You can buy it here.

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