Pleasure Works Blue Venus

Good Vibrations sent me the Pleasure Works Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinion, my opinion is solely my opinion.



The Blue Venus uses 2 AA batteries and is controlled by a dial power switch, sort of like a dimmer light switch. It’s made of ABS plastic, it is phthalates-free and hypo-allergenic…so it is body safe. In entirety, it is about 6 ¾” in length and 1 ¼” wide. It has two different shaped heads: a cup for broad stimulation and a point for pin point stimulation. The plastic material makes clean up a breeze, just clean with hot water and antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. This material makes for a smooth feel and can be used with any type of lube.



The pointed head provides a pin point stimulation, this is the head I prefer. The vibrations are a mid-deep rumble, I found if you squeeze the shaft the vibration on the head feels like a deeper vibration. The cupped head provides a broad stimulation and I’m gonna guess it just doesn’t fit my anatomy correctly. The cup felt too wide and big to me so I stuck with the pointed side. The toy is made for clitoral stimulation and I would think insertion would hurt due to the pointed head. This toy is not meant for anal use either as it doesn’t have a flared base.



Overall, I enjoyed the pointed head and the deep vibrations. My objections are that the end cap gets hot after use and that this sucker drains batteries like crazy! It says it is waterproof but after some research and experiments, I wouldn’t use the Blue Venus in the water. With the end cap getting hot just during use, it’s a safer bet not to. I would like to see an updated version USB rechargeable and a solution to the hot end cap. But for it’s price range, I can deal with the batteries. Good Vibes lists the Blue Venus for $24, a great deal given it’s vibration.



I would like to thank Good Vibrations for providing the Pleasure Works Blue Venus Vibrator for this review! Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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